what’s been on my mind…

… The small group for moms at my church just finished reading and discussing this book. It’s a really good one that I highly recommend. Through this book and other things that are happening around me, I came to realize two things. Number 1 – we will never stop pointing our children towards Jesus. Our job does not end when they turn 18. For the rest of our lives, our job as mother will continue to grow and change as our children grow and change. We have to have a large vision and purpose for motherhood. It’s not about getting through the first 5 or 13 or 18 years. It’s about teaching our children that no matter how much life disappoints them, Jesus is the answer. Number 2 – as much as we try to train, teach and guide our children they will make their own choices. We must keep our vision and purpose clear in our hearts. As much as it will hurt us, the bad choices our children make are their own. We all have a free will – even these young people we are raising – and if their free will leads them down a path we would not choose for them, guess what? We need to point them towards Jesus. Not beat ourselves up. Not berate them for what they’re doing. We need to love them and point them to Jesus.

… Speaking of parenting, the little spunky girl that made me a mother will be 13 in two weeks. Can we all just pause and be shocked for a moment because I’m not really sure where the last 13 years went

… The animals on our little plot of land continue to grow. Plans are starting to form for processing the pigs. I’m looking forward to having a freezer full of meat. And I’m looking forward to not having to feed three
smelly pigs. The chickens are getting big. They spend a bit of time outside on the warm days. The plans for a garden may be on hold again for this year, as the ground where we wanted to build our garden is still too wet. I’ll grow some things in my greenhouse but my plan for a pretty garden with raised beds will have to wait.

… Our homeschool work is winding down for the summer. I have very few goals for the summer, when it comes to school work. Because, hello. It’s summer. And this is still fresh in my mind. I want my girls to have a summer. So we will do some reading each day. But we will mostly do science experiments that involve marshmallows and fire, gym class that involves swimming and bike rides, math lessons that revolve around how many loads of laundry we can get done on rainy days. As for our next school year – it’s planned. And everything except our science notebooks is purchased. I’m way ahead of the game this year and I kinda like it. I used some of these resources again (along with a Used Homeschool Book Sale page on Facebook), making it a very affordable year. A post detailing my choices will be coming up soon.

What are your plans for summer? Are you a schoolwork-all-summer kinda mom? Ready for the 2014-2015 school year?