What we’ve been up to: Spring

Things have been a little slow around here lately. It’s not because I don’t have things to share, it’s that I cannot find the time to sit down with a clear mind and write! So what’s been keeping me busy…

– We got a puppy. I still say that out loud and shake my head a little. What were we thinking?! I don’t know. He’s very cute and smart and our 9 year old dog is doing great with him. But it’s getting up at night, because he’s just now 2 months old, and running him outside and just another breathing creature to take care of… But really, it hasn’t been that bad. My older girls are helping with the night shift and the younger girls play with him all day long. Besides, how could you not love this face?! Meet Colt, our very adorable chocolate lab puppy.


– We finished school, more with a hobble than a victory sprint. But I’m happy with what we accomplished and very happy that we can pick out all new curriculum for the fall. One of our last days of school we took a hike to our favorite local water fall. It was packed with college kids blowing off steam but we still enjoyed the views. One of my girls didn’t want her picture take but I took it any way. 🙂


We have been doing a ton of work around the yard. My garden is planted, for the first time at this house. In order to do that, we had to move wheel barrow after wheel barrow of top soil. It was exhausting work, mainly done by everyone but me to be honest. The little girls and I planted some starters in the greenhouse. It’s always fun to watch little seeds sprout into plants!


– We got our first round of meat chickens for this summer. These tiny little fluff balls transform into full sized birds SO fast. They have already gotten all their regular feathers and are eating machines. We only have two chickens left in the freezer from last summer, so I’m really looking forward to getting these babies fattened up. There are 27 of them this time around. We’re hoping to have close to 50 in the freezer by fall. We also have 14 laying hens that keep me busy and our fridge very full of eggs. Soon, we will add piglets to our little homestead as well.


So what’s been keeping you busy? Any spring gardening or animal tending? How did school end for your family?


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