What I’ve Been Up To:

We went Easter dress shopping last week. And what group of girls can go past a photo booth without snapping a photo strip?!


Addie has been battling a cough and cold for about a week. We tend to beĀ  But when she started crying because her ear hurt, I knew it was time to head to the doctor. You can see that she felt miserable. Thankfully, she is already on the mend!


Project Woodstove is moving along! Josh has been working a lot so that obviously takes precedence over this project. But we are hoping to get another four feet done in the next day or so. That will leave the final 4 feet, plus the triangle at the very top.


My new favorite organizational tool? Pop-up hampers. We found these pink ones for $5 each. The two hampers now contain dress up clothes, accessories, stuffed animals and baby dolls. Also, I am trying to be less OCD about this little bookshelf. The books are not straight and it drives me batty! But the girls look at the books all the time, they put them back on the shelf – what more can I ask for!?


My hair has been doing this crazy, flat, half curly, weird thing lately. I bought a new hair product, sure that it would solve my problems. Then I realized it is still freezing cold and super dry. My theory was proven true on a day of normal temperatures. Turns out thin, curly hair likes rain.

IMG_2443I received my planners for this coming fall. I ordered them, so I shouldn’t have been surprised when I opened the box and this was glaring at me. Shocking.


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