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Things have been so slow around here! Summer has got me all relaxed and lazy, which unfortunately means this blog suffers. In an effort to give myself some structure (apart from a fun giveaway here and there – another one later this week!), I’ll try to fill in these blanks once every week or two. Do you have a blog and want to join in? Use the graphic below and leave your URL in the comments! I’d love to hear what you’re up to!

What I'm Sensingblog


Seeing – Green. Everything is still so green! With the lack of rain we’ve had that’s surprising to me. Sometimes I’ll catch a glimpse of yellow or orange at the very top of a tree, but mostly – green. Girls. Growing too fast girls. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’m teaching my girls. More than anything, I want them to be strong and dignified. That when people see them, they see an unexplainable strength that comes from above. What if we stopped talking about BMI’s and weight and height (because do you want to know how often my 5’9″ teen gets told she’s tall?!) and all these other superficial things? What if we just talked about being strong and capable and dignified and grace-filled? What would that kind of girl look like?


Hearing – Pigs. Our little farm has expanded again, to include three cute little piglets that squealed and squealed for their mama last night. They won’t stay little or cute for long, but we will give them a good and happy pig life in their newly expanded pen. I’m thankful that we can raise some of our own food. It’s a privilege I do not take for granted. Work. We still have a lot to do around these parts with our gentleness. Is it just my kids that get cranky and bored by the beginning of August? Lots of opportunity for growth.


Chickens. It’s almost time for our giant meat chickens to head into the freezer. They smell so much worse than my pretty laying hens! Tomatos and Basil and Parsley. Our plants are gigantic but some of our tomoatoes have blossom end rot. It seems a mixture of uneven watering and too-rich soil is causing it. But wow, do those plants smell good.Our herbs have done wonderfully, as are the brussel sprout plants.


Tasting – Eggs. Our hens have been laying like mad recently so I’m eating as many eggs as I can stand. This morning was diced onions and a fat tomato slice, gently sauteed with an egg cracked over the top. A pinch of shredded cheese on top, with some 12 grain toast. Yum. It was good. Rest. It has been a slow, quiet summer for us. Sometimes I do get bored, because I like the go,go,go of schedules and activities, but it’s been good for me to have a summer of rest. Lots of afternoons at the beach or the neighbor’s pool. Lots of mornings in the garden and evening walks with the dog and I following behind a parade of girls on bikes.


Touching – Dirt. My hands will be stained for some time, as I hate wearing gloves when I work outside. Stickers. I’ve started to do a bit of embellishment in my planner. Dollar Tree scrapbook stickers are as far as I’ve gone, but it is fun for me. I like accentuating the special events in our weeks, even if it’s only that someone has to work in Children’s Church that week at church.

What have you been sensing?

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