— is the day before my baby turns 4. She and I have already decided that she will be my baby forever (but she still has to stop whining), even if she grows to be taller than I am. She is snuggles and blonde wispy hair and the whitest eye brows and bluest eyes and sweetness and so full of heart and happiness and love. She is the girl that loves to talk about church and her friends. She loves to sing and dance. She’s our Addieboo. I hardly ever think about her entrance into the world any longer. Rereading it now, it’s almost hard to believe it even happened. Tomorrow, Addie will be treated like a princess by her older sisters. She will eat cupcakes and open gifts. And we will thank God for her. She is precious to us and we know God has great things in store for her.

— is the day before I start a temporary, work-at-home job. Our daily schedule has been adjusted to allow time for me to work for a few weeks now, giving us time to adjust to it. I don’t really know what to expect at this point so I’m just waiting. Anxious. Hoping my daughters to make too much noise in the background while I’m skyping with my new boss. 🙂

— is one of those days that I have to remind myself that diligence is important in my life, too. I really just want to read The Hardest Peace. {Full review coming soon!} I don’t want to cook dinner or break up fights or correct bad attitudes.  Coffee, book, blanket. That’s all. But my diligence in completing my tasks does two things – #1 Honors God. I’m not doing all things as unto the Lord if I’m laying on the couch reading, while my house falls apart. #2 – I’m modeling diligence for my daughters, even diligence in the small things. So I will read for a bit, because that’s diligence too, but I will also clean up the remains of our homeschool morning and make tacos for dinner. I’ll hang out with my hubby and put my girls to bed. And I’ll pray that God would give me strength to keep being diligent in all these things.

— is a good day to be thankful for where we live. It makes me want to start counting again, when I think about how blessed we are to live on this back country road, outside a tiny country town. I’m freshly reminded that we really live in the middle of no where. It’s not fancy. It’s not loaded with modern conveniences. But it is beautiful and peaceful and I love it.

sky{tall corn and the bluest sky, taken on my morning walk}

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