{review} Adventure Bible I Can Read series

As I said when One Redeemed Mom was launched, my focus with reviews would be children’s books, curriculum and Bibles. This one fits two out of the three! I received from Zondervan two books last month and would love to tell you more about them.


Both books are a part of the Adventure Bible I Can Read series, which is perfect for my second grader. We own quite a few of the I Can Read series books but only a few that are published by a Christian company. What a great resource for young readers!


First is A Father’s Love. It is an age appropriate retelling of the story of the Prodigal Son. The illustrations are colorful and appealing. The retelling of the story is accurate and clearly conveys the message Jesus told in this parable. At the beginning and the end of the book, Luke 15:32 is written to reinforce that these are not just nice stories but messages from the Bible.



We also received Miracles of Jesus, another retelling of New Testament Bible stories. cover2This book tells three different stories; the story of Jairus’ daughter, the woman that reached out to touch Jesus, and the feeding of the 5,000. There is also an informative page at the back of the book listing more of the miracles Jesus performed through the Bible. The same illustrator did this book, so the images are equally as colorful and engaging. The stories of Jairus and the woman are told in one “chapter” which is a nice break as this book is a bit longer than A Father’s Love.

Both A Father’s Love and Miracles Of Jesus are wonderful books for young readers. If the whole Bible is a little intimidating for your new reader, take a look at these books from Zonderkidz. They are great stepping stones.

{I received these books as a part of the Z Blog Squad. No guarantees were made and all opinions are my own.}

{review} The Desperate Diva Diaries

I have a hard time finding books that both my older girls like to read. Lael likes reading and is pretty agreeable when it comes to books. But Alyssa – my ourdoorsy girl – does not like reading as much. A book style she has enjoyed is the ‘Dork’ and ‘Diary’ books. I love that she found something she likes to read but the content? Not always so great. From snotty characters to disgusting content, I’ve tried to keep those books pretty limited around here.

When I was offered a chance to check out a book in a similar style, but told from the perspective of a Christian girl, I jumped at it. Although the author, Angie Spady, is one I wasn’t familiar with we have fallen in love with this new book series! Here’s what the publisher says about this great new book:

Meet, Catie Conrad – a typical, tween, Christian girl with, oh, the weight of the world on her shoulders. And if it isn’t bad enough that no one seems to understand the social pressures of being the greatest at everything, donning the latest fashions, and carrying the trendiest technology, Catie’s dad is about to uproot her and her family to an Indian reservation during spring break for his job. Throw in a school dance, a major art contest, and an arch nemesis known only as Miranda Maroni and there’s bound to be an epic meltdown of biblical proportions. Or, maybe not…Finally a voice in the tween genre that is relatable and no less humorous for girls aged 9 to 12 by author Angie Spady. The first book in a new series titled Desperate Diva Diaries, Catie Conrad: Faith, Friendship, and Fashion Disasters chronicles both the small triumphs and general mishaps of sixth-grade Christian want-to-be diva, Catie Conrad. While her Christian journalist father is often a co-conspirator to making Catie’s life interesting with mission trips and church projects, Catie never ceases to realize God’s hand in all situations.


The Desperate Diva Diaries, Catie Conrad: Faith Friendship and Fashion Disasters! is an excellent example of a fun book with great values. Catie’s adventures and thoughts are written in the popular diary style, with lots of sketches and drawings to keep things interesting. The graphics really are great! I love this style of writing for tween girls because it gives them opportunity to “hear” how the character processes situations. Whether it be Catie’s quiet admission that her mom is usually right and she should be more thankful or her loud , heavily illustrated frustration over THE dress she has to have – Catie shares from the point of view of a girl that’s just trying to love Jesus and figure out how to serve Him.

IMG_2161I would recommend this book to girls ages 9-13. There is a bit of middle school drama, with boys and crushes and mean girls, but Catie processes everything from a Christian worldview. Both of my daughters – even the one that doesn’t enjoy reading – really enjoyed this book, so much that they’ve asked when they can read the next one in the series!

So if you’re looking for books for your tween daughter, keep an eye on Angie Spady. She is publishing some great books!

{I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and no guarantees were made.}