Confession, Forgiveness and Momwalls

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Our church is doing a 40 day series on 1 John. Sermons, small groups and daily devotionals are all focused on that one small book of the Bible. Our small group meetings this week focused on confession and forgiveness.

Whoa. That is a lot of topic for one small group meeting. These are big topics that are talked about so much in the Bible. Our discussion made me realize that we, moms, have a way of avoiding these two aspects of our Christian walk. Momwalls. Ways to block others from seeing our struggles. We excel at what we think is protecting ourselves but really we are building a wall that will keep the Holy Spirit out.

Whether it’s fear about what others will think, an unhealthy expectation that everyone should share all their grief and struggles with you or pride in how you present yourself to others – Momwalls are a real thing and they can hinder the work of God in our lives.


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