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If you’ve ever met me in person, chances are I’ve told you about some great thing you need to check out. It’s just who I am! I love sharing great products with people, whether it be a sale at the grocery store, shoes, curriculum or books. That’s why I do reviews.

Every time I review a product, you are getting my 100% honest opinion. Yes, I do usually get the product for free. But that doesn’t change my opinion of it. After finishing up a few commitments previously made, I will be focusing my reviews on children’s books, curriculum and Bibles. Okay so occasionally I’ll toss a historical fiction novel in there (because I love them!).

I participate in review programs or am an affiliate for the following companies:

Zondervan, through the ZBlogSquad

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Teaching Textbooks

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FlyBy Promotions

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LitFuse Publicity

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