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If you’re anything like me, you are working your way back into the school groove. It can take a little while for me to work up the excitement. I’m all kinds of ready for routine and quiet days. The alarm clock? Not so ready for that.

Before our Christmas break, I posted about our Christmas School plans. As much as I wish we had stuck a bit closer to the plan, we did enjoy our lightened school load. One part of that was a typing course for Lael and Alyssa (grades 8 and 6). Diane Hurst, owner of Gentle Shepherd Curriculum, contacted me and asked if I’d be interested in looking at one of the items she has available on her website. When I saw this one, I knew it was what we needed. We will be continuing this course for the rest of this school year because I’m so impressed with the simple but thorough lessons outlined in this little ebook. What is it?

1959515Type Write Touch Typing by Gentle Shepherd Curriculum is an affordable but complete typing curriculum. The lessons take about 10 minutes a day, but give students an excellent foundation for typing success. And since we can all pretty much guarantee that computers aren’t going anywhere, typing with accuracy and speed is important.

The Type Write assignments are listed on a separate page, like a syllabus, so the parent can keep track of what students should be doing without interfering with the actual assignments. I really like this about it. The student pages can be put in a separate folder or binder for easy access.



Each day, the student will complete two pages. The lessons build on each other, giving review while learning a new letter is introduced.

I really appreciate that Type Write Touch Typing does not emphasis timing your student while they learn. ¬†While I understand that this may come in handy eventually, I think it only forces the process for students that are just learning. I love the gentle and methodical way Diane has written this curriculum. While it’s written for older students, I plan on introducing it to my 2nd grader this semester as well. Type Write Touch Typing is versatile enough that I can make the lessons shorter to suite my younger students.



If you’re looking for a typing program, take some time to check out Type Write Touch Typing. Diane has also written a second typing curriculum for more advanced students called Typing Practice Pages, which includes science, geography, and more to keep a student’s interest while they keep practicing their typing skills.

Gentle Shepherd Curriculum also has ebooks on art, writing, math, science, toys, games, and notebooking. While you’re getting your schedule for the 2015 semester organized, make sure to check out Gentle Shepherd. They have some amazing products!


{I received a copy of Type Write Touch Typing and Typing Practice Pages in exchange for an honest review. No guarantees were made and all opinions are my own.}

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