{review & giveaway} The Hardest Peace

How do I even start this? The Hardest Peace is so much bigger than just another Christian book. Kara Tippetts isn’t just a blogger-turned-author.

Kara is dying from cancer and The Hardest Peace chronicles her journey.

It is heartbreaking. It is challenging. It is a moving and amazing story that one family is living right now.

Kara starts The Hardest Peace with a glimpse into her past. She talks about a hard situation with a church her husband was pastoring with grace and love for all involved. Then the first diagnosis. And the side effects. And another diagnosis. It’s almost to much to bear to even read all the struggles and pain the Tippetts family experiences. I try to imagine myself in a similar situation and just see a crumbled mess. I’m sure that no one knows how they would ever handle such a situation but reading the way Kara handles herself every day is nothing short of grace.

I read Kara’s words and marvel at her peace. Then she started writing about moments. In chapter 6, Kara writes:

Before cancer, I waited on the big moments of life while trying to faithfully live through the small. That living feels foreign to me now. I now live in the large, open grace of the small moments and humbly expect the big moments to come. I may be in them, and I may not. My big moments are not events or milestones, but appointments and treatment. The small moments have become enormous. The fire in the fireplace, the coffee in mugs, the rib tickles, the learning to apply makeup, the singing out loud and off-key — those are the huge moments. Those are the milestones.

And it hits me.

I am a waster of the moments. Of the moments that really matter.

I am a pusher of my agenda, even if it tromps the hearts of the ones that matter. And when I read the words of a mother that watches and listens to her babies knowing the reality of her short days, it shames me.

Kara teaches me to show grace in every. single. moment. because we just don’t know. All our days are numbered and no one is guaranteed a tomorrow. That reality is especially fresh and biting for Kara which makes it fresh and challenging for me.

The Hardest Peace is a hard book to read. Kara is raw and heartfelt and full of words that every mother needs to read. Litfuse has given me a copy to share with one reader. Do you need to read about Kara’s moments? Comment below, telling me how you treasure your moments. Giveaway will end on Oct. 21. {Winner will be notified by email.}

About Thunnamede Book:

A young mother battling cancer invites readers to embrace grace in every season of life.

Kara Tippetts knows the mundane but rich days of mothering four kids, the joy of watching her children grow.and the devastating reality of stage-four cancer.

In The Hardest Peace, she invites readers to see the grace of the everyday in all seasons of life and to live well even when the living is hard. As the thousands of readers of her blog know, Tippetts explores the hardest questions of life with rare beauty and honesty. Most of all, she draws them back to the God who is present, in the ordinary and the suffering, and shapes every life into the best story of all.
Purchase a copy: http://ow.ly/Cgo5s

5 thoughts on “{review & giveaway} The Hardest Peace”

  1. How I treasure my moments? I force myself to pause occasionally (not enough) and take it all in. THAT moment. Then I rush on to the next thing, (Hrmph) Anyway, thanks for the info on the book and the chance to win a copy!

  2. I treasure my moments by taking the time to make lots of fun and meaningful memories with those who I love most. Before my dad passed away 6 years ago, he told us how important it is to make memories together and cherish each and every one of them…they’re the only thing you can hold onto when those special memories can no longer be made. It’s those special times I had with my dad years ago that I cherish and hold close to my heart now that he is no longer with us. There are lots of things that I can/should be doing most days, but as long as I squeeze in a tea party with my girls or some Lego time with my boys, I call it a successful day regardless if the dusting was done or the floors mopped. It’s the special moments that I want them to remember when they’re grown as well!
    Thanks so much for the chance to win this book! It looks amazing!!

  3. By asking God to give me grace to enjoy today without dwelling on the pain of the past, knowing the He will use even our deepest pain for His purposes.

  4. I try to remind myself to just BE ALL THERE, wherever it is that I am! Not always easy when my attention keeps being pulled in at least 5 different directions most of the time, but definitely worthwhile when I manage to do it!

  5. Love what God showed you reading The Hardest Peace. Such a freeing perspective – if I drop my agenda and just be in the moment more often – that’s growing in grace. God uses the present to work out our salvation. Not just in our own lives, but in the lives of those God has put into our lives. Thanks Jackie.

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