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(I received a copy of Bugging Around for my use and to giveaway in exchange for an honest review from KidQuest Science Adventures. All opinions are my own and a good review was not guaranteed.}

As promised, I’ll be trying to bring you more reviews that are for children – whether they be homeschool related or not. This one falls perfectly into both categories! Bugging Around: Insects is a fun, well-written student workbook that would interest any student that likes bugs.


Here’s a bit from the publisher:

Bugging Around: Insects is the perfect educational companion for a backyard bug safari, teaching kids all about the wild things they’ll find in their community! Filled with activities and games they’ll complete before, during, and after their adventure.This student workbook is filled with 50 pages of information, games, activities, and exercises for a student to complete and keep. Some of the things your student will learn in Bugging Around: Insects

  • How to classify types of bugs
  • Insect Lifecycles
  • How to capture and identify local bugs
  • Food webs

 All KidQuest Science Adventure books are designed to be multi-faceted learning tools that accommodate all learning styles. In Bugging Around: Insects your child will read, write, draw, observe, and do!

I used this book initially with Lauren (2nd grade) and Addie (preschool) but my older two daughters (6th & 8th grade) soon took over, as they all really enjoyed the format and material. Each page is arranged in an eye-catching and interesting way, containing tons (tons!) of information about bugs. Honestly, it’s arranged in one of the most unique ways I’ve ever seen in a workbook. I’m going to include a lot of photos, because this book is so unique. It’s printed in landscape format, rather than the traditional portrait. I love this! It really opens up each page for lots of graphics. Here are some images of the inside of the book, to get a better idea of what I’m talking about:

Clearly written lesson pages in the Before You Go section:

photo 1


photo 2Lots of spaces for students to write or draw in their own examples in the Before You Go and Field Research sections. There are a few Pest Profile pages, for your student to track what kinds of insects they capture. Mine brought me a whole jar full of little crawly things. shudder. I didn’t scream, though. That’s good, right?

photo 3photo 5 The Back At The Lab section sums everything up with a word ‘crawl’ loaded with all those new vocabulary words, pages about the food web – including an exercise for students to figure out how a bee and a bison are in the same web. There is also space for summarizing what was learned.

photo 1 (2) photo 2 (2) photo 3 (2)Overall, Bugging Around:Insects is an excellent book for elementary age students. I can see young boys really loving this book, even if they aren’t homeschooled. This book, paired with a bug observation kit and a butterfly net? Instant spring and summer fun! If you are a homeschooler, this book could easily fill a semester when filled in with some resource and reading books.

KidQuest Science Adventures also has a book written for your next trip to the zoo. Wild At The Zoo is available in a few different formats. I encourage you to check it out before your next zoo field trip!

And now the best part? I have a copy of Bugging Around: Insects to give away to one reader! To enter, just leave me a comment telling me if you love or hate insects. Do they make your skin crawl? Or do you like watching them scurry around? I am not an insect kinda gal. That’s why resources like this are invaluable to me because my girls love all things that crawl.

This giveaway will end on September 30 at 10pm and winner will be chosen at random. Winner will be notified by email within 48 hours of giveaway ending.

Good luck!

14 thoughts on “{review & giveaway} Bugging Around: Insects”

  1. Warren would love this. For me, if the bugs sting and/or fly I can’t stand them. If they just crawl around not doing much I can look the other way…don’t look at the cobwebbed corners of my house!

  2. My Cole loves bugs and has become my ‘rescuer’ since they make my skin crawl! His favorite are praying mantis -which there are tons of around here. This would be great for him!

  3. I like ladybugs but otherwise, insects are not my thing! My husband is in pest control… you could say they’re not his thing either but they keep him in business!

    We’re doing an insect unit in science right now… my daughter would love this resource. It looks and sounds fabulous.

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  4. For me it depends on the bug. I dislike flies, ants, spiders, etc inside my house. I’m not a fan of them outside my house but I understand the jobs they do. I love watching dragonflies, butterflies, praying mantis, and ladybugs. This notebook would complement my 5th grader boy’s science book this year. It’s our first year homeschooling and we’re pretty excited about science. 🙂

  5. I am definitely not a bug person and neither are my children. However, we live in the country and see all sorts of bugs and insects. My kids are fascinated when we see a bug we have never seen before. We are always trying tp google bugs and see if we can figure them out. This book would bea great resource for them to use to categorize the different bugs they see.

  6. I am a little jumpy around insects, but am completely fascinated with them; especially beneficial insects. I’m doing unit studies based around insects, nature and weather with my 4 and 2 yr old this year, and this book looks like it could be really helpful for us all!

  7. I don’t care for bugs much, but I try to tolerate them when they’re useful, and leave them alone if they’re not bothering me. However, I don’t want to pass on my attitudes to my kids, so I would try to encourage their interest.

  8. My boys would love this! We are recent Oklahoma resedents & it seems there are many new bugs to explore! “Spider check!” Is often heard so mom can check to make sure we don’t have a brown recluse on our hands. The older I get the more fascinated I am with these tiny, crawling critters. But, I still prefer them outside 😉

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