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Wow! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. Life has been busy with birthdays, buildings and graduations. I am getting back into the swing of things though and am very excited to announce three very wonderful giveaways.

The Believe series by Randy Frazee is  a powerful new tool for parents to use in helping their children of all ages develop their own personal relationship with Jesus. Zondervan has given me one copy of the Believe Storybook, Believe Kids’ Edition and Believe Student Edition. They have also given me one copy of each to give away! I will be spreading these giveaways out, as I’d like to really highlight the features of each book individually. So today, I’ll start with the Believe Storybook.


The Believe Storybook is written for ages 4-8. I have a 4 year old and an 8 year old, so can confidently say that this book covers that age range perfectly. The subtitle of the Believe Storybook is Think, Act, Be Like Jesus. This idea is carried through the book, with the chapters broken up into Think, Act and Be sections. There are ten chapters in each section. In each chapter, there are five parts. I apologize right now for all the photos, but I really want you to see and understand how thorough this book is.

First, there is the introduction which contains the Key Question. This question is carried through the entire chapter.



Next is the Old Testament story. The illustrations are beautiful – lots of color and expression that enhances the story that’s being shared. The reference for where the story can be found in the Bible is always right at the top of the story.


The third feature in each chapter is probably my favorite. It’s The Jump to Jesus. I think the Old Testament can be confusing for children. Okay, it can be confusing for me too! This always brings each Old Testament story a tie to Jesus that is easier for children to really comprehend.


Next is the New Testament story. It always relates to the main question that was asked at the beginning of the chapter.


And last is The Jesus Answer. This section summarized the entire chapter and answers the question that was asked at the beginning of the chapter. The author summarizes the chapter into a key idea and a key verse as well.


The Believe Storybook is a large, hardcover book with beautiful glossy pages. The Bible stories are well-written and clearly point everything back to Jesus. Each of the books in the Believe series contains the same Bible references and questions, written for each age group. It is an amazing tool for families or even for a homeschool Bible curriculum. We have been so blessed by the first few chapters and while we may read a chapter or two, I will mainly be using this as our Bible curriculum this fall. It gives an excellent introduction for young ones into having a personal time with God each day, while laying out simple steps to studying the Bible.

Zondervan has graciously given me a copy of the Believe Storybook to give away to one reader. To enter, just leave me a comment telling me who you would read the Believe Storybook to. The giveaway will end on June 21 at 8pm. The winner will be notified by email so please leave a current address. This giveaway is opened to all residents of the US and is sponsored by Zondervan.

This giveaway has now ended. The winner was comment #3 — Ann! 

{No little ones in your house? I will be posting a full review and giveaway of the Believe Kids’ Edition on June 22 and the Believe Student Edition on June 29!}


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  1. I was raised as a non-Christian, and I have been overwhelmed at feeling unprepared for homeschooling my very smart almost 4-year-old daughter. I think this would be great for both of us to learn, me to teach and talk to her about our faith, and Iliana would learn about our faith, and basic learning lessons, like sustaining a theme through several lessons.

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