My Favorite Things: Kitchen Items

I love cooking and baking. So when I was thinking about what I could do for another round of My Favorite Things – Kitchen Items were an easy choice.



The first thing that comes to mind is my Kitchenaid Stand Mixer. I loooove it. I’ve heard lots of debate that a Bosch is better and perhaps it is. But I just cannot get past the classic look of a Kitchenaid. I use it regularly for everything from whipping mashed potatoes to mixing dough. Mine is black to match my appliances but someday I’d like to get a funky colored Kirchenaid.

Next is a fairly recent purchase but I don’t know how I managed without it. I bought myself a dish drying mat. Sound so unexciting right? But seriously, now I don’t have to use my dish towels when I wash pots and pans. It absorbs all the excess water and fold neatly to be stored under the sink. Simple, cheap and very practical.

I mentioned on Facebook that I bought an immersion blender. This is another one of those purchases that I don’t know how I functioned before having it. It’s nothing fancy but I really enjoy having smoothies for breakfast now. Even though I didn’t like it at first, peanut butter-banana-berry is my favorite, sometimes with spinach or flax seeds. What do you put in your smoothies?

For Christmas, my parents bought me a red cast iron enamel dutch oven. I’ve used this for everything under the sun. It looks so nice on the stove and heats so evenly. It looks like this:


Now if all cast iron enamel pots could please go on sale for 99 % off, I would buy more. Until then, I’ll be content with my one pretty red pot.

What are your favorite kitchen items? What do I need to check out next? I love kitchen gadgets!

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