My Favorite Things: Girly Stuff

As much as coffee was the perfect intro to this new series, Girly Stuff is the most unlikely follow-up. I’m not very girly. I don’t really like make-up and I am now confident that God gave me curly hair because He knew I would never have the desire to do a thing with it. Wash and go is all I can handle. So here are a few of my favorite girly things for this ungirly girl:



CoverGirl Exact Eyelights eye shadow. I love this and apparently it’s now discontinued. That demonstrates how often I buy makeup. But this product is great for me because it helped me pick shades that would look better with my eye color and gave me hints on how to apply it. I’ll be looking for a replacement soon so I’m glad there is at least a similar product out there.




Okay, that’s all I’ve got for makeup. My next favorite thing is a daily necessity for me, especially in cold weather. Carmex cherry moisturizing lip balm is my all time favorite and the only thing that has ever really helped with chapped lips.


Toriginal_deep_cleansing_cream768x8681he only thing I’ve ever loved for removing makeup is the same thing I’ve used since I was a teenager. Noxzema just smells clean to me. And each night before I go to bed, I put CocoabutterHBL-webcocoa butter lotion on my face and hands. No expensive moisturizers here. Maybe I’ll regret that in 20 years but it’s working right now.


As for my favorite hair products, it’s varied over the years. OnSty6_4_pack-shotce I buy something, I will usually use it until it’s gone even if I hate it. But I really like the one I┬árecently purchased and love that I don’t hve to go to the beauty supply shop to get it. Because extra time is not something I have! L’Oreal Curve It curl taming cream doesn’t make my hair crunchy but definitely gives it a bit more bounce. I like that the smell is light also.

And the last thing is new to me. I’ve never been a perfume wearer. I never wanted my pBBW1-19431723v850babies to smell like my perfume rather than their babylilcious smell of goodness. But for Christmas my mom gave me a gift pack from Bath and Body Works for Christmas. A Thousand Wishes spray and lotion were a part of the set. It’s light but just perfumy enough that I feel like a grownup. Ha! I don’t wear it every day and even when I do wear it, I don’t cover myself in it so maybe I’m the only one that ever smells it.

So there you have it! My favorite girly things. What would you recommend to me? Anything on this list that should go? What’s your most favorite girly thing?

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