My Favorite Things: Coffee

I have lots of opinions. If you know me, you’re chuckling right now because that’s really an understatement. I have tons of opinions! So I thought it would be fun to share some of them with you in a new series on One Redeemed Mom.



Every couple of weeks, I’ll share some of My Favorite Things with you. The first edition? Coffee. No surprise there. I have four coffee related items that are my favorite. So if you don’t like coffee, this might be a bit boring for you..

Favorite Thing #1 – The Hamilton Beach FlexBrew coffee maker. My hubby surprised me with this on Christmas morning after my not-so-subtle hints for weeks. The FlexBrew, as the name implies, brews coffee in different ways. You can brew a whole pot, schedule a pot to brew, use a k-cup or the included reusable one-cup filter to make one cup of coffee at a time. Granted, I’ve only been using this for a couple of weeks but I love it. The only downfall, if you can even call it that, is that you have to add water each time you want to brew a cup of coffee. There’s no reservoir, like in a Keurig. I don’t even really think it’s a bother, because if you use your coffee mug to measure the water then the FlexBrew will fill your cup perfectly every time. With a Keurig, I had a hard time getting a full cup in some of the bigger mugs we use.

Favorite Thing #2 & 2.5 – Confession time first. I don’t always drink expensive, whole bean coffee. I drink a lot of coffee. There’s no way I can afford the really good stuff all the time. My coffee of choice for every day may surprise you. First, for k-cups, I love the Maxwell House House Blend. They are a nice medium roast and they’re affordable The ground coffee that I really like is the Donut Store blend from Aldi. Seriously, you should try it. I told you it was surprising! I’ve tried lots of ground coffee and this one really is great.

Favorite Thing #3 – When I do want a really, really good cup of coffee I use my Clever Coffee Dripper. It makes an amazing cup of coffee and it’s relatively easy to use. While you do have to play around with measurements until you get them right, it’s worth it. I don’t have time every day to brew all my coffee this way but it’s nice for special occasions. It’s small enough to store away for when I’m not using it and affordable enough that I don’t feel guilty just keeping it the cabinet for once-and-awhile use.

Favorite Thing #4Church and State Coffee. I don’t see my favorite roast on their site right now but it’s all good. Exceptionally good coffee, actually. So yes, I know the owners and their families. But that has nothing to do with the coffee! And some money from each pound of coffee you purchase goes to an affiliate organization that you choose when you check out. They are all pro-life organizations that are doing great things. So not only are you getting great coffee, you’re supporting some great organizations as well.

So there you have it! Edition #1 of My Favorite Things! What other topics would you like to see featured on My Favorite Things?

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