Mama Needs A Do-Over: chapters 6 & 7

Another set of chapters from Mama Needs A Do-Over that just go together – Making Changes and Joy. Both talk about the next step in changing how we see our circumstances and how we handle them.

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Chapter Six: Making Changes is all about flexibility and planning. Do they seem to be opposites to you? Me too. But Lisa points out that we can make all the plans we want, but without the flexibility and grace to handle bumps in the road we are going straight back to square one. Our feathers get ruffled and we revert back to the person that we’re trying not to be any longer.

Lisa compares planning for a situation (her example is bedtime with a child that won’t stay in bed. hello, beenthere) that you find difficult. When we prepare for a situation we know is challenging, think about packing a suitcase. Pack it with the fruits of the Spirit and pray that God would begin to show you how to unpack each of those qualities in your life. Everyone struggles with at least one of the qualities on this list. At the end of the chapter, Lisa asks her readers to dig into their hearts and examine which fruit of the Spirit is hardest for them. Those are the things we need to pray for God’s help with, each morning before our feet hit the floor and throughout the day.

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Chapter Seven: Joy delves more into our heart’s position through challenges. It can be joyful and at peace, even through trials. How? Joy. Thankfulness. Trusting in God’s goodness. I love that Lisa addresses the idea that joy is just bubbly happiness and giggles. It’s not. Joy is deep and peaceful and still, knowing who is in control and that He has your very best waiting for you.

We can take that thankfulness and look at our gifts, dreams, and problems through the lens of joy. God can work through these challenges! God can work through me and through you, to change those problems. He is able. And He is willing to help us learn to walk through them as well.

Which one of the fruits of the Spirit is the most challenging for you? How can you, with the help of the Holy Spirit, use that quality to improve the difficult situations in your life?



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