Mama Needs A Do-Over: Chapter Two

{If you missed my post on Chapter One or my full review of the book, read those first! }

Chapter Two of Mama Needs A Do-Over is a fun chapter, while also asking the reader to think things we may not consider very often.

childhood dreams.

Do you consider your childhood dreams very often? I can’t really say that I do, it’s just not something I think about any more. Sometimes I’ll joke about how I wanted to be the first female president, but that is just in passing.


What does this have to do with anything? In the book, Lisa goes in to how our dreams reveal how God wants to (and can!) use us to reach the world. Our dreams are our passions, no matter how big or small. If we are following the Lord, those dreams and passions can be used for His glory.

Every person is a unique being and every person’s dreams are equally as unique. Did you dream of being a Broadway star (like Lisa!) or a professional athlete? I always wanted to be the voice of a Disney heroine. Not one of the bra rainless ones but the headstrong, save-the-day types that could also sing her heart out.

Did that happen? Um no.

but I can now bring those passions and apply them to real life. Singing in the Christmas choir or organizing a program that desperately needed a bit of structure? I can do that. Is it as glamorous as I dreamed? No. But it is better than that – it is fruitful for the kingdom of God.


What were some of your childhood dreams? Do you think they relate at all to your dreams now? Or to how you’re using your gifts in your life?


I love that Lisa included a section of Psalm 139. ¬†God made each of us unique beings, with unique passions and dreams. Let’s not try to put ourselves in a box. Be the creative person God made you to be!

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