Mama Needs A Do-Over: Chapter Three

It’s time to get down to the gritty stuff in Mama Needs A Do-Over.

our problems.

oh boy.

Lisa says “It takes a special kind of strength to admit that we are own biggest problem.”

This is a chapter that I should probably read weekly. I continue to trust God to change and mold me into a more gentle person, but the reality of it is that it’s hard. Maybe for some people, God does a supernatural work in their lives and changes them over night. I’m not one of those people. It’s been a long road, and I continue to walk down it. The point that stuck out to me at the beginning of this chapter is a quote Lisa used from another great book, Unglued by Lysa TerKeurst. Labels. We can label ourselves so many things. A worrier. A yeller. A control freak. A mess. God doesn’t want us to hold ourselves back with these labels. He has made us for more than that.

Another point that stuck out to me was about time. So many of our ‘problems’ stem from not having enough time. We need to remember that we choose how we spend our time. Are those choices the best thing for us? Are they things that are allowing us to glorify God and use our gifts to their full potential? I recently chose to walk away from something that was taking up my time and not fulfilling my desire to have the activities in my life glorify God. It was a hard choice. One that doesn’t make much sense from a worldly perspective. But oh the heavenly perspective. I completely trust that God will honor my choice. Is there something in your life that is taking up too much of your time? Can you lay it down, trusting God to fill in the gaps?

The main question at the end of this chapter is to identify three of your problems. Lisa reminds her readers that in most situations, we have time to stop and identify our problem before we overreact to what’s going on around us. If I could just pause and pray before overreacting, and remember to speak gently – how different would a situation be? What are the areas in your life that you can identify as a problem? Do you trust God to help you overcome them?

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