Mama Needs A Do-Over: Chapter One

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you may have seen my post yesterday about Mama Needs A Do-Over by Lisa Pennington. I reviewed this book in December, but really enjoyed it and want to dig in to some of the ‘homework’ a little deeper. Since I think this is a great book for this time of year – you know, the resolutions, goals, reevaluation stuff – I thought blogging through it would be good accountability for me.


Chapter One is titled Knowing Yourself. Lisa starts the chapter by talking about a kitchen remodel so of course, I was hooked. We built our house from the ground up, mostly by ourselves, a few years ago. So when she started going in to her love of power tools, I got it. As the chapter continued, Lisa focused more on the unique and special gifts and talents we each have.

Does that stop anyone else in their tracks? When someone says ‘So…what are you good at?’ I freeze. Isn’t that prideful and arrogant to talk about what I’m good at?! But it’s not. Lisa says “God gave each of us special gifts that we are supposed to be using.”  Yes. That, I understand. The parable of the talents applies perfectly to this. Our gifts are just that – gifts! Gifts from God to be used to serve Him and His Church. Lisa then continues on discussing how what we love can identify our gifts and how we need to be aware of our weaknesses.

The homework at the end of this chapter is so simple and so hard all at once. One of the questions is to write down your five best and five worst qualities. Uhhh. Five?! That seems like a lot. But it was good for me to stop and think about who God made me and what good qualities He put in me. What would you put on your list? the first thing on my good qualities was my ability to organize. I am trying to use that gift to serve whenever I can, because not only does it just make sense to me (only because He made me that way!) but it energizes me to bring order to chaos. One the ‘worst’ side … prone to anger. But I’m a work in progress and He is helping me focus on gentleness this year.

What would be something on your list? Want to join me as I read through Mama Needs A Do-Over? Grab a copy of the book! I’ll be posting again on Monday, January 11 and focusing on Chapter Two: What’s Your Dream?

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