Mama Needs A Do-Over: Chapter 8

So far Lisa Pennington has walked us through finding our dreams, goals, and problems. She’s given us practical ideas on making plans to help us change, and in turn change our situation. And she’s reminded us of the vital importance of thankfulness and joy in our every day. Mama Needs A Do-Over, chapter 8, is about those days.

What if we are walking out our plan and things still don’t go well? Or what if we mess up?

Chapter One- (1)

When we are trying to hard and asking God so earnestly for a situation to change, and yet it stays the same, it can be so frustrating. Maybe the thing you’re working on is getting your family to work together and keep the dining room table clean. But then despite all your progress, you come home to a small engine in pieces all over the place but no one their to claim their mess. You can feel your blood start to boil! Or maybe you’re working on you – not yelling, being friendlier, being more purposeful about enjoying your children. But then life interrupts and you find your flesh responding before your still-learning spirit to catch up. Maybe this whole idea of a do-over, a new way of doing __________ just constantly feels like one step forward, two steps back.

i get it, mommas. really, i do.

Lisa goes on in this chapter to give great, practical steps to work through those moments and move forward with joy. But as I was reading it, an exhortation that was given at my church a few weeks ago came to mind over and over again.

do not (4)


Every great thing starts with one small step. Every big change and bit of remarkable progress starts simply with a decision to try. Just by making that decision, that step you are starting a new beginning. It will be small and that’s okay!

Do not despise the small beginning.

It should be a marker in your life of a decision to do things better, more like God calls us to live. It is the start of a new testimony, a new story to tell your kids one day, a new path that you will be able to turn and look back on one day. It’s not an instant fix. It’s a journey and all journeys need a beginning. So whether it’s learning how God wants to change your tendency towards anger into gentleness or how to get your family to work together for a more orderly home – you need a beginning. No matter how small it seems, those little beginnings have a way of becoming the big moments in our lives that God uses to form us into who He has called us to be.

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