4 thoughts on “lots”

  1. That is an understatement! Dad is especially fond of the one with Lauren (look ma, no hands) I would love to see Lael where you can actually see her face, not hiding behind the camera. Love, the ponytails!

  2. What AWESOME pictures. I can’t believe that is the same baby I saw born last year. Unbelievable! We miss you guys terribly. Kathy isn’t working now so maybe we could plan to come to you or if you felt adventurous you could scoot out here. Any ideas?

  3. I have the same hope that my kids will have it a bit easier with their kids when it comes to discipline…hopefully, I am not emulating all of the bad parenting habits my parents had. As far as different discipline techniques, we have tried a few, though in all honesty, consistency has been our big downfall and I think Bethany and Caedmon both know we have a tendency to drop the ball in that area. Having said that, however, I think they do respond differently to different things. Caedmon hates losing his “play time” at night, but is perfectly fine dealing with anything else being taken away…even if he’s sent to bed, he can entertain himself for hours (literally) by talking to himself or staring at the wall. We haven’t quite figured Bethany out yet, she can withstand anything it seems. For now, we are just going to try to dig in our heels and try to be consistent with spankings and see what that does. I think as they get older, though, other methods will need to be employed, though I am not sure what yet. You have a few years on me in that area, so maybe you can let me know when you get it all figured out ;).

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