~ I’ve been thinking about activities. In our house, we have the little girls and the big girls. The big girls are 11 & 13, both smack dab in the middle of hormones, angst and the confusion of growing up. It’s time to start teaching them how to be involved and responsible and young adults – because that’s what they are. It’s time for them to learn how to keep their commitments straight and be a good, honest friend. These are good things. The problem I’ve been realizing in all this is how it affects my little girls. They are almost 8 & 4. They like IMG_2345princesses and tromping through our Narnia woods. They like to snuggle and bake cookies. They also like to do everything their big sisters are doing.From makeup to curled hair to cell phones to how they stand when they’re talking to their friends – they want to be just like the big girls.

I need to be intentional about what the younger girls are doing.  And after reading this article, I’m realizing even more that I need to somehow balance teaching half my house to be adults while teaching the other half that their childhood is precious. So right now it looks a lot like handing out the math books, sending the big girls to their desks so I can curl up on my bed with a book and two little girls. It looks like limiting the use of their electronics and cutting my precious, rare nap short to go for a snowy walk. Imagination needs encouragement and I need to be intentional about developing it.IMG_2344


~ Speaking of snowy weather, I must confess that I’m so very tired of winter. I’m trying to find the sparkly beauty of fresh snow but the wind chill factors in the -30’s is a bit of a deterrent. A giggly game of follow the leader in the snow does help but it will soon be too cold to play outside for a few days. I just want a little bit of green, that’s all.


~ I’ve been struck by how critical it is to firmly believe in your life choices. Your theology and conviction had better be strong otherwise, you can be swayed by every wind that blows past. Working vs. not working, lots of kids vs. a smaller family, modesty vs. modern fashion, skinny jeans vs. mom jeans … it never ends. Being firm in those convictions doesn’t make it any easier when people make you feel like you’re wrong for what God has called you to. So be confident in the life God has called you to —  we’re all different and that’s how we’re supposed to be.

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