Just Things…

Things I’m chewing on:

  • Teaching my daughters a sense of self-worth. To me, that goes beyond an ego or good self-esteem. Having a vision for our homeschool. Not just homeschooling in general, but our specific homeschool. Why and how we do this. Both ideas will be chewed on for awhile longer and may be in an upcoming issue of Family Magazine.  Still a little odd to see my words in print, to be honest. Does it ever get normal? I’m not sure it does.
  • YouTube. I’m not so thrilled with YouTube lately.  There are scores of young women that portray this insanely perfect image of themselves, complete with lots of makeup and trendy gear. The problem I’m finding is that as soon as I outlaw one, two more pop up in her place. Like all things, it requires moderation and supervision, parental awareness and a bit of grace. Our children need to learn how to manage the World Wide Web, and I’m sure that isn’t going to change any time soon. It will move on from YouTube and be something else in a couple of years. The venue may change but the lessons will be the same. Moderation, supervision, awareness and grace. {Help me, Lord.}
  • It’s Christmas time. Things that sparkle are everywhere. I’m struggling to drag the focus back to the point of the season. Those sparkly things are much more interesting to little eyes, you know. So we are trying to think of others a bit more this Christmas season. How can we help people right in our community? How can we remind our children of how fortunate they are without making a spectacle of those less fortunate? We are still working through this one and it’s challenging for me.

Things I’m enjoying:

  • Really good coffee. Is this a surprise? No it’s not. But I seriously enjoy coffee so much, I’m pretty sure at this point that God created it just for me.
  • Our wood stove and Christmas tree. The combination of the two is just perfect to me and I am freshly reminded each day how much I love our home.
  • Blue Bloods, Blind Spot, and Marvel’s Agents of Shield. My two older girls and I watch these three shows together most nights. I can’t say the content of each episode is perfect but we enjoy it. I’m so over reality television and am reminded of how much I enjoy a tv show with a decent story line.



Things I’m looking forward to:

  • My parents will be arriving at our house on December 21 and staying until after Christmas. It’s been years since I’ve been with my mom in the days before Christmas, to do cooking and baking and wrapping and such. And they’ve never been at our house for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. We are all so very excited.
  • The Christmas Eve choir at church. I miss singing with a group very much and look forward to the choir each December. Rehearsals start next week. 🙂
  • Giving gifts. I really enjoy finding wonderful and fun things to give my family. I just love it!

What are you chewing on, enjoying, or looking forward to?

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