How To Homeschool For Free – Even High School!

There are tons of posts out there on homeschooling for free, so this will be a bulleted list for reference. Here is a list of our favorite ideas on how to homeschool for free – even high school!

Public Library

As long as you’re better than me at remembering to return books on time – you can accomplish a lot using the public library. We’ve utilized the online request system to get books that we need and have requested that the library purchase what they don’t have. It’s an amazing resource!

Khan Academy

If you haven’t tried this site yet, even if you have curriculum chosen already, just check it out. The video explanations are thorough, the classes top notch, and the teacher resources have improved drastically. We have used it as a stand alone math curriculum. It’s expanded so much, there is more than just math available on there now. I’ve found that we often use it as a fall back when our regular math curriculum isn’t clicking. There is an extensive amount of upper level classes here – perfect for high school!

All-In-One Homeschool

This website is unbelievably helpful if you’re homeschooling on a tight budget. It is a completely free curriculum that is mostly online. There are now workbooks that you can order, but they are not mandatory to make the program work. I’ve found this curriculum to be challenging and fun. We have used a variety of courses to fill in gaps and I’ve been incredibly pleased with the results. The sister site to this is All-In-One High School, which we have also used and liked.


This site, loaded with free college level classes, is new to me. My oldest daughter (11th grade) will be taking two courses this fall through EdX and I’m excited to see how it works. We have heard great things about it from a friend. You can pay an optional fee to get a certificate stating that you completed the courses you take. The list of available classes is extensive and great for upperclassmen!


Museum memberships, extra-curricular activities, and the like make excellent gifts for Christmas and birthdays. If your family members ask for gift ideas – don’t be afraid to include these options! We have been blessed beyond measure by gifts like this. They don’t wind up in the back of a closet or broken in the yard like toys often do (at least in my house!) but they are used for months and months, reminding our family of the generosity and thoughtfulness of the gift-giver.


Even when we are homeschooling on a tight budget there are things we have to buy. The one thing we always invest in is art supplies. Paint, paper of various kinds, markers, colored pencils, glue, and so on cannot be replaced by a library book or an online program. I also try to make sure that each of my girls that show interest have a nature journal or notebook that they can use for taking with them on hikes or walks.

Have you homeschooled on a budget? What were your favorite resources?

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