Homeschooling Kindergarten, Pt. 3

Finally, I’m getting around to the third and final installment of my series Homeschooling Kindergarten. (Part One and Part Two) As I’ve been working through this series and thinking about homeschooling kindergarten one last time, I have remembered one crucial thing. Kindergarten is fun because it’s kindergarten! This is the one year that, while there are things to be taught, there is way less pressure and you can just enjoy every moment. Here are my last few tips on Homeschooling Kindergarten.


If you don’t have any other little ones running around like me (sigh and cheer, all at once), this part won’t really pertain to you. (If you have any tips on what worked for you, share them in the comments!) To schedule your homeschool around babies or toddlers, remember two simple things:

1- Make them a part of your day — Read with them, show them colors and shapes and numbers, sorting cups, playdoh that’s only used during school time … Pinterest is loaded with ideas on how to entertain little ones. Let them join in to every possible thing they can. For the things they can’t join in to:

2 – Use naptime to its full potential — I know you want a nap too, but when you need some time without little hands grabbing books – nap time is golden. If you have other things that need to be done during nap time, then break up your no-toddler school work into smaller chunks and spread it through the week.

The big question for many homeschoolers is how to structure or even if they should be scheduling their day. When there are older students being taught, structure is very important. How much structure really depends on the family. But two things that hold true for any homeschool family? It will take a while to figure it all out and right when you do? Things will change. So take your time when figuring out what works for you. Maybe you’re a super structured person but your children are not. It will take time to find a balance that everyone can work within. For example, I would prefer that every one of my students were at a desk and doing school by a schedule. One of my daughters balks at this with every fiber of her being. She does her school work best strewn across my bed with books everywhere. I’ve learned that although it’s not my ideal, it works well for her. She’s comfortable and does her best work when she can be in her spot. So we go with it. As you move through kindergarten, there may not be much need for a structure. And that’s alright!  When the time comes for structure, one thing is for sure. You will need to be willing to change and listen to your children’s input. They are a big part of this homeschooling thing, you know? While input like “I think I’d work best if we had ice cream for breakfast” can probably be skipped, there will be valuable ideas if you’re willing to listen.

What did I miss? Share your ideas on homeschooling kindergarten!


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