Our Homeschool Plans 2017-2018

It’s that time of year! Our homeschool plan is finalized and submitted to our local school district. Right now, my tentative plan is to start school by August 23. I think. We may start math earlier than that. In our homeschool this year, we have Lael (11th grade), Alyssa (9th grade), Lauren (5th grade), and Addie (2nd grade).


Here’s the plan – 



For my school planning this year, I’m continuing to use the Ultimate Homeschool Planner until I use all the pages and will then switch to my (free to download!) Teacher Dockets. It feels like a waste to just toss a perfectly good planner just because I don’t like the colors, but I really do not like the design of the Ultimate Homeschool Planner. So I guess we will see how long I last. All of the girls except Lael will be using the Student Dockets, laminated and placed on clipboards. Extra fine point dry erase markers work perfectly for filling in assignments each week.


Lael and Alyssa will be taking a weekly history class with a local teacher. They’ll be studying American History, using the Joy Hakim books A History of Us. Lael is also squeezing in an Economics class during the first half of the year. While the older girls are at class, the younger girls and I will head to the library for some devoted history and science time. Our history (and literature, writing, etc) will be from The Prairie Primer. I am so excited to dive into this with my girls. They’re the perfect ages to really have fun with this one, while learning a lot about American history.


Lael has completed her requirements for science, so she is focusing on computer science and programming through Khan Academy. Alyssa will be doing science on her own this year, working through A Beka Matter and Motion. Lauren and Addie will be working through Apologia’s Young Explorers Botany book.


Lael will be taking a college class online for English, through EdX. Alyssa will be working on Writing for 100 Days as well as Wordly Wise for vocabulary. Lauren is taking a bit of a different route this year. My very distracted girl will be using the BJU Reading 5 books to work on reading, grammar, and writing. My hope is that by learning grammar in a more hands on way, it will be more interesting than a regular grammar lesson. She will also be using Wordly Wise for vocabulary, and if we need grammar back-up I have a Rod & Staff English 5 book on my shelves. Lauren will also be working through a SpellWell workbook for more reinforcement. Addie will be doing BJU English 2, Spelling By Sound and Structure 2, and some BJU Reading 2.


Oh math. You are not our favorite. Lael will be taking BJU Consumer Math. Alyssa will be taking A Beka Algebra 1, after really clicking well with the A Beka Pre-Algebra. Lauren and Addie will be taking Saxon Math – back to the basics, after being so disappointed in some of the other curriculum out there.


Lauren and Addie are working through the Believe Story Book at bedtime each night. It seems like that is the time we can fit it in, so that will have to work! Lael and Alyssa will also be returning to the Believe books, as I really like the format and tone of them.


Lael will be continuing with NSP and taking another semester of viola. She will also be taking Practical Music Theory at home. Addie will be taking Lyrical at a local dance studio. We are still on the hunt for a regular art class for Alyssa to take, although she really enjoyed the All-In-One Homeschool online class and will continue that for now. And Lauren is just biding her time, waiting for Upward basketball to start.

It sounds like so much when I write it all out! What an honor and privilege to be able to teach my children. I do not take it lightly. Now how do we afford all that? Check back next week!

What are your plans for homeschool this fall?

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