Homeschool Planning for the Large Family

I know. There are a million free downloads available online. Homeschoolers have an abundance of resources today, right? For the most part, yes. But there is one group of homeschoolers that may still be looking for the perfect download to help with their homeschool planning.

Large families.

As far as large families go, we probably don’t qualify. With four children, our family isn’t super large. But it is big enough that we push the limits of every planner we have tried. There just isn’t enough space to record everything that everyone is doing, unless you have really small handwriting (which I don’t). So when my friend Carol asked me if I’d ever want to create some free printable planning sheets, I was all for it!

Homeschool Planning Pages (1)

So how are our homeschool planning sheets different? A couple of ways. First, they’re simple. We didn’t try to fit all your to do lists, menus, and errands on one page. This is for homeschooling. And second, mom and kids each have their own pages. Sounds good, right?

Teacher Dockets


The Teacher Docket is the form I really think is the most useful and different. I have my teacher dockets in a three ring binder, for record keeping. It’s compact, easy, and doesn’t get all my other activities wrapped up in homeschool planning. So how is it different? Rather than tracking each daily lesson and activity for all of your children – you print off one docket per week and then fill in assignments for each subject, not each day. This also means your record keeping is simple – just one sheet per week needs to be kept on file!

My chicken-scratched teacher docket. Lots of space for all our activities and school work!

This is so much easier for me, since three of my four daughters do science and history together! I can just write in what I want to accomplish for the entire week, by subject, and then break it down by day on the student dockets. I am also loving this because it gives my older children an opportunity to plan their school work their way. I love having a to do section for each subject to remind me about field trips, classes, and activities that we have coming up.

Student Dockets


The Student Dockets are a bit more all inclusive. We have ours laminated, on clipboards hanging from our bookshelves, and are using fine point dry erase markers to write in assignments. There is a spot for chores, memory verse, and other activities. Each day is broken into subjects, with a small box for checking off each assignment as it’s finished. The layout on all three is basically the same, but with different styles for different tastes.

The student dockets, customized by my older girls.

My fourteen year old loves the paint splatter docket. It could be for a boy or girl, and definitely has a bit more classic style:


My eight and five year old daughters both love the foxy lady docket. We use different color markers, for quickly glancing at their clipboards and knowing which is whose.


My more outdoorsy girl liked the bear docket. I love the detail of the wooded background!


I really love how these planning pages turned out. Now moms of large families – you don’t have to struggle to fit all your children’s assignments into a premade planner or take time making your own! One student docket per child and one teacher docket per week. Simple, efficient, and pretty!

These printable sheets are free. πŸ™‚ Β All I ask is that if you like them, share this post with your homeschooling friends! And drop me a quick comment, letting me know how you like them. I’d like to start providing printables that help with organizing and would love some feedback on what you like or need. All the links for downloading are above, in each section. You can also click on the images of each page.

A huge, huge thank you needs to go to my friend Carol. She refined and designed my ideas to make them pretty and super functional!Β 

9 thoughts on “Homeschool Planning for the Large Family”

  1. Love the design for the bear docket! I homeschool three, in which two are boys, and am always looking for something I can use for all three kids. I also like that the docket covers a whole week at a time and that I can easily print it out in black and white. I will definitely be using this. Thanks!

  2. I am finally getting to taking a thorough look at these. Ironic, since just this morning I wrote, “create daily checklist to laminate for each boy”. 😊

    Do you have a separate place for them to know chore/other expectations for the day?

    1. I do have a separate chore chart hanging in our kitchen, but I’m trying to get everything onto these sheets especially for Lauren and Alyssa. Between the weekly chores (for things like clean the bathroom, which they each do once) and the other activities (for basketball and music lessons), we have managed to get everything on their charts. Lael can’t fit all her activities in neatly but it’s enough space for her to fill in chores and school related activities.

  3. These really are pretty!! I was just wondering today if I would use the same planner page I made last year, one for each child, or something else. This gives me something different to consider!

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