He sees you.

It’s easy to get lost in the daily busyness of momlife and forget one very important thing. Before we were wives, before we were mothers, or chauffeurs, or cooks, or any other thing – we were His. And we never stop just being His.¬†We hear Scriptures about how he knew us in the womb, but we think of the babies we’ve carried and our prayers for them. But once, each of us was that brand new little human and He knew us even then.

He you.

Why do we forget this simple, beautiful truth? The pulls of daily life crowd in and soon enough, our identity and our value is judged by how beautiful our home is. How well behaved our children are. How full our bank account is. How much we serve in church. Maybe you’re like me and find it all too easy to use those things as a gauge for how much God loves you this week.

He sees you. Just you. Not as mom or wife or church nursery worker or children’s church teacher.

Just you. And He loves you.

Is it hard for you to believe that? Carve out a little bit of time this week and remember what that thing was that you used to love doing. Singing? Exercising? Writing? Just being silent? That is what God put in you and one of the things that makes you you. Do that thing. I don’t want to get into the self-care debate and whether or not it’s selfish but I do want to strongly encourage moms that it’s okay to say ‘I need a little break to refocus myself.’ I know that I need those times, any way. Times to remember that He sees me. Just me. And He loves me.

So for me, that meant time alone in the car to sing at the top of my lungs. Time to clean out my chicken coop and take care of those little egg-laying, fluffy girls. Time to pick out a new paint color for my bedroom and change things a little. What does it mean for you?

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