Freedom in Homeschooling

We have an amazing amount of freedom in homeschooling, don’t we? Thank God for that! But as we are digging into week 3, and all of our extra-curricular activities are starting, I’m realizing something again –

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. But I don’t think I interpret that in the way you’re thinking I am.

Just Because You Can…

Our normal homeschool day probably looks like what you’d imagine – lots of books shuffling around, the dining room table a mess, older girls coming and going as they work independently. But this year we made a change. My two older girls are taking a history class once a week with a local tutor (a retired homeschooling supermom that helps our community so, so much!) which frees me up to focus on history with the younger two girls. We go to the library and have an hour to devote to history. I chose something that I thought would interest us all and was excited to dig in. Day one? ┬áTotal. Flop.

I realized I had two options.

Doesn’t Mean You Should.

I could keep the flopped curriculum, which was too boring and shallow for my inquisitive, distractable girls. We could sail through history in a few months and check that box as done. My quarterly report would be amazing! Done with a year of history in 4 months. And really – there is nothing wrong with that. I am not doing anything wrong. But I realized that just because I could, didn’t mean I should. I knew my girls needed more “meat” to keep their attention, if I wanted them to retain anything and really be interested in what we were doing.

Dig Deeper

I made the decision to change our history curriculum on week 2. WeekTWO! My husband thought I had gone bonkers. But after checking our bookshelf and realizing that I had a solid American history text we could really dig into and build on, the switch was effortless for me. We walked into our second library day and read a chapter of the new book – which they loved. It’s more challenging, yes, but I knew that’s what they needed to keep their attention.

Different Seasons

There have been other seasons of life that I would have said Hallelujah, Amen! to an easier curriculum and finishing something early. And that’s okay! But we are each in different seasons and need to pray through what the best choice for our season in, in regards to curriculum, extra-curricular activities, and more. Colossians 3:23 says And whatever you do, do it heartily, as unto the Lord and not men. I don’t homeschool to check off the boxes and call our year done. I homeschool to honor the Lord and what He has called me to. That calling takes a different form in every home.

Just Because I Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should

You could sign your children up for multiple extra-curricular activities. You could sign them up for nothing. It can go both ways here! Just because I can do something, doesn’t mean you should. Let’s follow the path that God has for the students in our own homes and not feel pressured to do something, just because everyone else is. Even if it seems like a great idea (because, hello! why didn’t I just stay with the easy curriculum?!), God has created each of us and each of our children in a perfectly unique way. Walk that unique path, with confidence and peace!

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