Five Things Friday: Confessions.

5 things newOn My Heart: Stretching. God gives us each gifts, right? Isn’t it just easier to hide our gifts sometimes? It is for me any way. Our church is doing a Christmas Cantata. I love to sing. Alone. With the radio. Confession: Singing when there are people looking at me makes my face red and hot. But I joined the Cantata. I’ll spend two nights a week for the next several weeks stretching the vocal chords God gave me. Stretching for my vocal chords and my tendency towards hiding. So if you come to the Cantata and my face is bright red, you now know why. Hopefully the stretching is good for more than just my voice.

On My Mind: Two words – Black. Friday. My parents will be joining us for Thanksgiving this year and it will be the first time in … I think 15 years … that my mom and I will go Black Friday shopping together with no kids. We’re venturing to the nearest city where there are real stores like Target and Starbucks. I’m scouring the sale flyers as they get released and making final gift decisions. I want to pack as much as I can into one day – while I’m near real stores without kids! – but without completely exhausting my poor mother. It’s going to be a crazy day but so much fun. Confession: I’m considering going to one store for one item on Thanksgiving night. I’m now ducking to avoid the rotten tomatoes you’re going to throw!

On My iPhone: Nothing. Pretty much nothing. Now that Apple has decided to install about 10 apps that I don’t want or use without giving me the option to delete them, I have no space for music or games. Confession: I’m not very thankful for my iPhone.  I barely have space for photos. Sometimes I wonder if I really want Santa to bring me an iPhone 6. If he does, I hope it’s at least a 16 gb.

On My DVR: Confession – Dancing With The Stars! I am not a dancer. When God was handing out gifts, I missed that line. But Sadie Robertson is a big deal in this Duck Dynasty loving house and she is shining on DWTS. I really have appreciated how well she and her family have handled the situations they’ve been put in. The costumes have been nice, the dances appropriate and her humility is refreshing. After watching a  little of DWTS last season and being really disappointed with the actions of another “Christian” star, I was a bit apprehensive about Sadie. I have been so pleasantly surprised.

On My List: Rehearsals, work, dentist appointments (oh joy.),deciding on Christmas outfits for my girls, some projects in the yard to prepare for winter and an extended visit from my parents before our Thanksgiving/Black Friday extravaganza!  Are you planning your holidays yet? Did you see this download from Home Educating Family? It’s free for a limited time!

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