I can introduce One Redeemed Mom.

This has been a vision of mOne Redeemed Mom FB Profileine for quite awhile now. I’m so, so happy to finally see it up and running. My family is too, trust me. Things aren’t all perfect yet but you will start noticing a few changes. After feeling a bit like I was getting swept away from my original vision for blogging, I really feel like this fresh start has refreshed my vision.

So what will change?

1 – More focused reviews. I really enjoy doing reviews and sharing some great products with my readers. But now, I will be focusing on children’s books, Bibles and curriculum. I do have a few more reviews to finish up that don’t fit into these categories – and I can’t promise that I won’t toss a historical fiction novel in once and awhile – but you will be seeing things change.

2 – More focused content. Writing what I know. What do I know?! Great question. I know that God has given me four beautiful, spunky-as-all-getout daughters and a smidgen of wisdom on how to survive life with them. I know how to feed a houseful of people. I know how to raise a child with severe food allergies. I know how to manage a homeschool. I know how to check out a book, curriculum, etc and figure out how it will work for us. My content will be falling more into these categories (like you see at the top of the page) – being a girlmom, recipes, homeschool, reviews. Sounds simple enough, right?

3 – New affiliates. I won’t be applying to every blogger affiliate program that exists. But I will be adding one or two great companies that I really, really like. I won’t promote or support products that I don’t use in my house. And they will each fit into one of my main categories.

Sounds good, right?! I’m so happy to be able to share this with you all and I hope you’ll share it with your friends as this site grows.

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