Curriculum Choices 2016-2017

This year was a tough one for me, folks. I don’t know if it’s the age range or just the completely overwhelming idea that I am teaching a 10th grader – but I could not decide on curriculum. That is, until my college friend Jessica mailed me a copy of the book I had asked about on Facebook. Then all my plans laid out perfectly in front of me.


Our main curriculum: Around the World in 180 Days.


I knew that I wanted to do a geography study this year, with all the girls. And I really wanted to base our science off of that, with an earth science-type study of land formations, climates, etc so as we studied each continent we were learning about their culture, an overview of history, and also their land. I didn’t think it existed until I got Around The World. This book is literally perfect for what I wanted.

Now, it’s not a traditional curriculum with written lessons and such. Each continent is broken into four units – geography, history (through modern times), religion, and culture. Under each of those units, there are vocabulary terms, research ideas, and then project ideas for every age group ranging from fun things (like write a travel brochure) to more intense writing assignments.

So how am I rounding this out to make a full curriculum?

To use a reference books in our history, geography, and science studies I have World Studies and the Geography of The World. While they aren’t the most current texts, I think researching the different things that have happened from the time these were published until now will be very interesting. We also will be utilizing the public library. I’m hoping to get a lesson on doing research in the library from one of the librarians for the girls organized. Lael will be bowing out of our family earth science study to participate in an Apologia Biology class, led by a fellow homeschool mom that also happens to pretty much be a genius.

  • Lauren (grade 4) and Addie (grade 1) will also be using BJU English and Spelling workbooks. They are thorough but basic, not getting into sentence diagramming and all that nonsense.

Lael (grade 10 – WHAT!?) and Alyssa (grade 8) will be focusing their writing on the assignments in Around The World, with backup from The Little Brown Compact Handbook. It’s not technically curriculum but you know what is definitely is? Practical and important. As I’ve shared in my Homeschool Vision Statement, it’s of utmost importance to me that my children can read, research, and write well. I’m hoping to really focus on that more this year.

For math, we will be trying the Abeka math books. I really hope these are a good fit for us, as I feel like we’ve tried everything with little longterm success.

Lael will also be doing a music appreciation course. Alyssa, Lauren, and Addie will be reviewing handwriting as well as typing.

For organization, I plan to again use these {free!} homeschool planning sheets. The girls each have one laminated, that will go on a clipboard and be updated each weekend. I am planning to print out 36 of the teacher sheets soon, to get ahead with planning out our research goals for each week. My daily planner right now is the momAgenda and I intend to get another one in January. I really like the layout, it’s perfect for keeping track of my work projects, extracurricular activities, and church events.

Overall, I’m hoping to have a year where we can all remember why we homeschool and have a great time doing it. What are you hoping to accomplish this year, in your homeschool?



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