A Dishwasher Supply Line and The Lesson It Taught Me

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So I flooded my kitchen a few weeks ago and I was so happy about it. No, for real. I disconnected a dishwasher supply line and made a huge mess. Every towel in our house was being thrown into the kitchen to soak up water, I was laying in the middle of it (completely soaked!), and I couldn’t have been happier.

You see, my dishwasher hadn’t been working properly for over a year. After an issue with the drying cycle, I completely gave up on it. With a final slam of the door, I told my family to not use it again. It was broken and I was tired of having to deal with rewashing dishes. This dishwasher was hopeless.

It was long after things were fixed, I was dry, the towels were clean that I realized my flooded kitchen could really teach me some lessons.

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3 Scriptures Every Mom Should Memorize

A mombrain is a busy place. From the moment that you share the news that you’re expecting, there are all of these things that start to fill up your brain. The dates and stats everyone expects you to know at the drop of a hat, all the things that are good or bad or necessary or not recommended – it’s dizzying and it never stops. My youngest child is 5 and I can still remember all my daughters’ birth weights. Remembering the correct name when I need them for something? Touch and go. Sometimes they just get pointed at and called ‘you.’ Just being honest here! There is a lot of information, both necessary and not necessary, that fills a mom’s brain.

One thing that I think is so crucial for moms to make space for in their busy minds is Scripture. Because one thing that I know for certain is that mothers are bombarded daily with people telling them in subtle and not-so-subtle ways how they should be raising their children or keeping their home or living their life. The one way to fight against those voices is having Scripture buried deep in your heart and fresh on your mind. When I thought about which verses were the most important and helpful to me, three came to mind.


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I recently shared with a local mom’s group on simplicity. It was a good challenge for me – one, because talking in front of people isn’t my favorite thing and two, because it helped me re-center a bit. I think everyone always has some area of their life that needs to be simplified and ordered, at least I know I do.

So, why bother with living a simple, ordered life? Does it really make a difference to the world around me? I believe strongly that it does. Here’s why:



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Self-Worth and Pillars

Self-worth is one of those catchy phrases that gets tossed around a lot, especially when you are talking about girls. With the constant bombardment of unhealthy expectations and images our young people see, it’s easy to understand why it seems that young girls are having a difficult time having a strong sense of self-worth.

I am not interested in giving my daughters inflated egos or a worldly sense of over-importance. But I most definitely want to give them a strong sense of their worth in Christ and their worth to Christ. One of my very favorite Scriptures recently opened up to me in a new way and it fits into this idea perfectly.


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Mama Needs A Do-Over: Chapter One

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If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you may have seen my post yesterday about Mama Needs A Do-Over by Lisa Pennington. I reviewed this book in December, but really enjoyed it and want to dig in to some of the ‘homework’ a little deeper. Since I think this is a great book for this time of year – you know, the resolutions, goals, reevaluation stuff – I thought blogging through it would be good accountability for me.


Chapter One is titled Knowing Yourself. Lisa starts the chapter by talking about a kitchen remodel so of course, I was hooked. We built our house from the ground up, mostly by ourselves, a few years ago. So when she started going in to her love of power tools, I got it. As the chapter continued, Lisa focused more on the unique and special gifts and talents we each have. Continue reading “Mama Needs A Do-Over: Chapter One”