The Changing Seasons

It’s almost October. The season of falling leaves and busy calendars around here. It’s also the month that contains two birthday girls in this house and they’re big birthdays this year. My beautiful blonde Alyssa is going to be 13. Thirteen. Thirteen years of her sparkly blue eyes and hilarious personality and of learning to live with her food allergies. And our little Addie, our baby that didn’t want to breathe when she was born, will be 6 in two short days. And tomorrow morning? Tomorrow morning, they’ll all get ready and load into our truck and happily go into their first weekly enrichment program of the year. Most likely, they’ll go without even looking back at me for reassurance.

They’re growing up.



I always thought that I wouldn’t be one of those moms. You know, the sappy moms that stared longingly at the young mom surrounded by little faces that needed her. Although I don’t miss crying babies (canigetanamen?), those little faces that needed me? Sometimes when I realize they’re not so little any more, my breath catches. They’re growing up. They’re learning how to do this thing called life on their own. Because no matter how cliche it sounds, it’s true. To everything there is a season. Babies don’t keep. And one day you really will wake up, only to realize that your crowd of little faces aren’t so little any more.

There are moments during our average school day when I find me wishing I could clone myself. The oldest has to get to her science class, but the 8th grader that is doing so great in pre-algebra needs me for her daily lesson and the very bright little 1st grader has finished all her work for the day. She’s bored. And the 4th grader? She’s outside with the rabbits instead of doing her handwriting. Every one needs me, and a different part of me. But more and more, I’m finding moments when everyone has gone through their checklist for the day. They’re working in their rooms or at the table. And they don’t need me at all. Almost every afternoon I find myself in this weird position of not knowing what to do with myself. Everyone is doing their own thing, whether it be working or school or just playing. There’s no more nap times or ‘help me, mom!’

And I realize I really have become that mom. Young moms – no matter how exhausting and annoying and menial the day to day is, just love it. What an honor! Just look at them. Those little faces were given to you my God to nurture and raise and teach. And the menial things? They’re laying the foundation for the not-so-menial things that will sneak up on you before you know it. Because any mom that’s not so young can tell you that little children exhaustion is nothing compared to the emotional and mental exhaustion of older children and teens. Watching your children walk through real hurts or issues is so much harder than potty training. I promise.

So young moms, take it from this not so young mom and just pause for a moment to love the little people that surround you. And not-so-young moms, don’t mourn for too long. We’re raising world changers and they won’t learn anything if we’re trying to hold them back.


{I’m going to go wake my almost 6 year old up so I can hug her now.}

{repost} words

Do you know what Matthew 12:37 says?

Sobering, isn’t it?

It is for me. Because, honestly? Sometimes words fly out of my mouth like out of control darts, before I can reign them in. I hold the power to bless or curse with my words. I can build or break. It’s all just words, not sticks and stones right?, but we know the truth. Those words can be so powerful – both for good and for evil. How are you using your words today?

For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.

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An Ordinary Summer

It’s been quiet around here. Sorry about that. Well, sort of sorry.

I’m enjoying the unhurried pace of a very ordinary summer.

We’ve gone to the beach and the neighbor’s pool. My family all pitched in to build me my dream garden and I’m taking plenty of time to talk to the snap peas as they climb their way up their trellis, to smell the tomato plants, and watch the peppermint begin it’s hostile takeover of the flowerbed outside the garden fence. We have our yearly batch of meat chickens growing at an insanely fast rate. We harvested bowl after bowl of fresh strawberries from our own patch, that were all eaten too quickly to even snap a photo of them. I just putter through each day, with a general idea of what needs to happen.

Maybe some of you are thinking, And this is different? Well for me, it is. I am appreciating my ordinary summer new way for two reasons: 1) I was working a lot last summer and just feel like I missed out on the normal fun. While I wasn’t working full time, the 4-5 hours a day I was putting in at my computer desk really killed any fun we could have had. My garden was a dreadful failure. We rushed through beach days or times at the pool. Everything was framed by ‘I have to work’ and it was pretty miserable. I am still working, but I’m working way less hours and doing something I really love. And reason #2?

I read Rocking Ordinary.


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