Mama Needs A Do-Over: Chapter One

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If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you may have seen my post yesterday about Mama Needs A Do-Over by Lisa Pennington. I reviewed this book in December, but really enjoyed it and want to dig in to some of the ‘homework’ a little deeper. Since I think this is a great book for this time of year – you know, the resolutions, goals, reevaluation stuff – I thought blogging through it would be good accountability for me.


Chapter One is titled Knowing Yourself. Lisa starts the chapter by talking about a kitchen remodel so of course, I was hooked. We built our house from the ground up, mostly by ourselves, a few years ago. So when she started going in to her love of power tools, I got it. As the chapter continued, Lisa focused more on the unique and special gifts and talents we each have. Continue reading “Mama Needs A Do-Over: Chapter One”