Why you should have a Homeschool Vision Statement

Our family had never set a formal vision statement for our homeschool. We always had plans. We currently have goals. But we have never written out a specific vision to guide those plans and goals. Is it necessary? There are a lot of companies that produce great curriculum. Tons.  There are a lot of people that share their opinions on what a day of homeschooling should look like. But the beauty and freedom of homeschooling is that no two families will walk this road in the same way. And in order to know what your road might look like, praying for a clear vision and purpose from God for your homeschool is imperative. That vision and purpose for your homeschool is your homeschool vision statement.

Where there is no vision, the people are unrestrained, But happy is he who keeps the law.  Proverbs 29:18

Having a concrete, written vision for my homeschool is important to me for three reasons:

Why you should have

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Homeschool Planning for the Large Family

I know. There are a million free downloads available online. Homeschoolers have an abundance of resources today, right? For the most part, yes. But there is one group of homeschoolers that may still be looking for the perfect download to help with their homeschool planning.

Large families.

As far as large families go, we probably don’t qualify. With four children, our family isn’t super large. But it is big enough that we push the limits of every planner we have tried. There just isn’t enough space to record everything that everyone is doing, unless you have really small handwriting (which I don’t). So when my friend Carol asked me if I’d ever want to create some free printable planning sheets, I was all for it!

Homeschool Planning Pages (1)

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Why I Don’t Hate Math Anymore

Math is the one subject that I could never find any curriculum that I loved after early elementary grades. It was a battle every year of searching and switching. Honestly, last year we switched our math curriculum three times for my older girls. Nothing was working for all of us.

I finally bit the bullet and purchased Teaching Textbooks this year. Seriously? It has completely changed the flow of our days. We all love it, which rarely happens, and everyone is doing so well with their work this year.

When I was invited to join the brand new Affiliate Team for Teaching Textbooks, I jumped at the chance! If you know me at all, you know I love to share products or methods that are working for us in hopes that they might work for you, too. If you haven’t tried Teaching Textbooks yet and you struggle with homeschooling math, you need to try it. Trust me. I’m hoping to share more news and information about Teaching Textbooks in the future! We are now using three different levels and love every one of them!

Teaching Textbooks