Thankful Notes

Take a moment and block out all the early Christmas marketing. Don’t think about your gift lists or ideas. I want to share an idea with you that will help make November and Thanksgiving just as special as December and Christmas. An idea that makes being thankful fun, exciting and family focused…..

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{review & giveaway} Wizzy Gizmo

I know what you’re thinking …


But just stay with me for a moment. You’ll learn a bit more about a company that is a huge help to all Christian families. As a part of the review team at Homeschool Mosaics, I had the opportunity to choose one of the products that Wizzy Gizmo has to offer. I chose the Fast Pack Bible Pack. Here’s the company’s description of the Fast Track Bible Pack:


Teaching the Bible to kids in a way they will remember can be difficult.

Think of yourself (please, don’t take that the wrong way).

From your Bible study, whether it be in Sunday school, Christian school, Homeschool, or maybe even Bible college – how much can you remember?

Can you tell me who wrote Hebrews? (Okay, that is a trick question, while some think it was the Apostle Paul, we are not sure.)

Do you know to whom Luke wrote? Or which Gospel was written first? Or what 2 Peter is all about?
Can you summarize any book of the New Testament for that matter? How about the key chapters, or key passages, or even the key people? Can you communicate these things to your kids?

Don’t Worry! Be encouraged! Help is here.

After receiving this product and using the cards for awhile, I have to tell you – these cards are a tool for Christian education like I’ve never seen before! They make it so easy to clearly convey the message of each chapter of the New Testament. And let’s not forget about those little details about the Bible that kids seem to always ask about, just at the moment your brain goes blank! The Fast Track Bible Pack covers ALL of them.

Here is an image of the front and back of the card on the book of Revelation:


As you can see from this example, which is a great representation of each card, the Fast Track Bible Pack is loaded with helpful information. I know that these cards are invaluable for me, since I wasn’t raised in a Christian home. Teaching the Bible can be a struggle for me, because I just don’t feel like I know that much sometimes. But the Fast Track Bible pack cards really help. I can’t wait for the Old Testament cards! On a practical note, the cards are sturdy, glossy and large enough that you won’t lose them.

Wizzy Gizmo also makes audio dramas, in both cd or digital forms, books and the Old Testament Fast Track Bible Pack is being created as I type. You will not be disappointed in the quality of the products from Wizzy Gizmo. I really love them – so much that I’ve become an affiliate!

And as a bonus, I’m giving away one set of Fast Track Bible Pack cards! To enter, leave one comment telling me your favorite book of the Bible and why. Easy, right? The giveaway will end on November 3 at 8pm. The winner will be notified by email, so please be sure to leave the correct email address. Now go check out Wizzy Gizmo! If you’re interested in reading more reviews about other Wizzy Gizmo products, go to Homeschool Mosaics!

{Giveaway sponsored by Wizzy Gizmo. I received a copy of the Fast Track Bible Pack in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and a good review was not guaranteed.}

Giveaway has ended. The winner is comment #1 – Karina!

{writing} What Easter is Not.

Today you can find me over here, writing about Easter and sharing a fun Easter freebie!

Easter is many things to me. The Resurrection of Jesus. A celebration of my faith in Him. A time for family to gather and share our gratitude for all He has done. Spring. New life. Easter baskets. A big family dinner. Laughing kids and adults lingering at the table with coffee. Easter dresses and white cardigans. Tulips and daffodils. My grandmother’s tablecloth, dyed Easter eggs and cinnamon swirl bread. Coordinating outfits for the whole family.

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