lauren jessa (Updated)


Diagnosis: Impetigo. A round of antibiotics to stop the spreading.

The big girls were great. And I’m happy to be home.


My poor baby has a painful-looking rash on her face and leg. Its starting to spread a bit onto her belly, so we are going in to the doctor.

You would think that after dealing with food allergies, skin issues and asthma problems that has sent us to countless doctors over the last 4+ years, I’d not get so jumpy over a rash, right? Especially since taking any of them to the doctor usually means taking all three girls to the doctor. (One of those “no family in the area” issues…)

But I’m having flashbacks from the horrible rash and infection Alyssa had when she was almost 2. The ER doctor wanted to admit her because he’d never seen anything like it. The details still make my stomach turn. (And to think of how gorgeous her skin is now makes me very thankful. Does that count as number 33? Hm. Yes I think so.) Since we’re scheduled to leave here early Wednesday morning, I’m not taking any chances.

To the doctor we go.

And for once I really hope its just a bad eczema outbreak.

its official

Lauren is my peanut.

She weighs 20 pounds, 4 ounces and is a tiny 28 inches long. (In comparison, Lael weighed 22 lb. 14 oz. and was 30.5 inches.)

Dr. though that length measurement might be a little off, thinking Lauren is really a bit taller than that. But I’m not so sure. She is pretty little. But she is perfect to me. Lauren is hands down the snuggliest baby we’ve had. She crawled up onto Josh’s lap while I was at Jazzercise and fell asleep all cuddled up with him. It was so cute.

There was no issues about the immunizations. Dr. even mentioned that the pharmaceutical companies have begun paying out settlements to people whose children developed autism after being immunized. Some thing is definitely not right there. Makes me even more thankful she brought the topic up when she did.

And on an unrelated note … I got the first of many curriculum catalogs in the mail today. This is such a stressful thing for me. And now to think this fall I’ll have two children who are officially being homeschooled! I think I’m going to have to tuck away my cheapskate ways and buy a “real” curriculum this fall. ugh.


Lauren’s 1 year check-up is tomorrow. We’ve decided to not do any further immunizations until I do more research.

Thankfully I don’t need to worry about going to battle with her doctor. She’s a fantastic, helpful, supportive doctor who respects a mother’s right to be the mom. I like that.


Our Greener Home – very cool store.

Love these cleaning products. LOVE them. My whole house smelled like lemons for hours. And not tacky, chemical lemon smell but good, clean fresh lemon smell. So nice.

Happy to have my double jogger back. Not that I jog but I like to walk. And walking with a regular stroller on unplowed sidewalks is impossible.

Thrilled that this story is getting some more press.

Ecstatic that these products are sold at Giant Tiger at amazing prices.

Not so thrilled with the weather.

Really not thrilled the weather made me miss MOPS – the first time I’d planned on going and we get another storm!

And. I don’t like Daylight Savings Time. It’s just silly to me.