{review} Thankful by Eileen Spinelli

I am really looking forward to sharing all the great books that I’ve been given to review over the coming weeks. This one had to be first. It’s already a bit dogeared and the dust cover is crinkled. It’s been read and read again, then read to baby dolls and little sisters.


Thankful by Eileen Spinelli is absolutely perfect for your little ones, especially as the temperatures are dipping and minds might be turning towards the holidays. Maybe my children are the only ones that are already thinking about wish lists and I wants but I doubt it. I’m trying to be preemptive and get a jump start on the idea that seems to only come around in November.

Let’s be thankful! We have been given so much. Our children will learn  more from lessons that revolve around thankfulness than around self-serving. This book doesn’t dive into deep theology or Bible lessons. It just gives sweet, simple examples of every day people that are thankful.

It doesn’t take much for our children to learn selfishness. It comes built in to their little brains! So at every chances we get, we as parents need to be reversing their built in nature and replacing it with a thankful outlook. Something as simple as reading a story book might seem trite but it isn’t! You’re planting seeds that will grow and creating habits that will serve them well in life.

Eileen Spinelli has written a sweet story that will connect with even the youngest of children. The illustrations are simple and sweet. I would definitely recommend this book for any age but children from 3-8 will enjoy it most. You can find Thankful at Zondervan or most other book retailers.


{I received a copy of Thankful in exchange for an honest review as a part of Zondervan’s Z Blog Squad. All opinions are my own and no guarantees were made.}

{review} One Thousand Gifts Devotional

If you haven’t heard of Ann Voskamp or One Thousand Gifts, just stop reading and go here. Meet Ann. Then come back and read about the devotional that really should be on your book shelf.


One Thousand Gifts Devotional: Reflections on Finding Everyday Graces is a beautiful book. It’s hard cover, with a pretty blue ribbon book mark. It’s beautifully put together and would be a lovely gift. But even more beautiful?

The words. Ann Voskamp has a way with words that draws the reader’s heart closer to God. She never writes for her own promotion. She doesn’t ever come across as haughty or know-it-all. She knows what it is to strain for more of God. More of His joy. More of His peace. These sixty devotionals are filled with that longing for more of God.

Each chapter begins with a Bible verse and is then followed by a bit of Ann’s writing. The chapters end with a prayer and some space to record your thoughts. None of the devotionals are very long, two pages or so. But it is enough to turn your thoughts towards thankfulness and towards Jesus.

Here is a quote from my favorite chapter:

When I go looking for glimpses of Him, when I seek to fill the empty places with more of Him who is beauty, my equilibrium recalibrates to find its center in the Judge who became grace to bestow grace and I can rightly read the scale, feel it inside and know it’s true;

If you can really see – the weight of Glory always tops the scales for joy.

So beautiful. Are we looking for glimpses of Him today?

To read more about the One Thousand Gifts Devotional or purchase a copy, you can go here. If you are looking for a gift idea, this book paired with a journal, a pretty mug and some gourmet coffee (or tea), or even a nice pen would be a lovely gift that any woman that’s striving to follow Jesus would be happy to receive.

{I received this book from Zondervan in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and a good review was not guaranteed.}

Thankful Notes

Take a moment and block out all the early Christmas marketing. Don’t think about your gift lists or ideas. I want to share an idea with you that will help make November and Thanksgiving just as special as December and Christmas. An idea that makes being thankful fun, exciting and family focused…..

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