An Ordinary Summer

It’s been quiet around here. Sorry about that. Well, sort of sorry.

I’m enjoying the unhurried pace of a very ordinary summer.

We’ve gone to the beach and the neighbor’s pool. My family all pitched in to build me my dream garden and I’m taking plenty of time to talk to the snap peas as they climb their way up their trellis, to smell the tomato plants, and watch the peppermint begin it’s hostile takeover of the flowerbed outside the garden fence. We have our yearly batch of meat chickens growing at an insanely fast rate. We harvested bowl after bowl of fresh strawberries from our own patch, that were all eaten too quickly to even snap a photo of them. I just putter through each day, with a general idea of what needs to happen.

Maybe some of you are thinking, And this is different? Well for me, it is. I am appreciating my ordinary summer new way for two reasons: 1) I was working a lot last summer and just feel like I missed out on the normal fun. While I wasn’t working full time, the 4-5 hours a day I was putting in at my computer desk really killed any fun we could have had. My garden was a dreadful failure. We rushed through beach days or times at the pool. Everything was framed by ‘I have to work’ and it was pretty miserable. I am still working, but I’m working way less hours and doing something I really love. And reason #2?

I read Rocking Ordinary.


If you follow me on social media, you’ve already seen me reference this book. It is hands down the best books for moms that I’ve ever read. The main reason? Lea Ann Garfias. You see, I met Lea Ann through kind of unusual circumstances. Circumstances that would have given her every right to not reply to my first message to her, that she didn’t want to get wrapped up in, that were messy and sad and disappointing. But she chose to be a friend to me, through lots of messages exchanged and prayers prayed. I’ve met other authors and bloggers through Facebook groups and the like. But Lea Ann is one of the most authentically caring people I have ever met online. And it’s that authenticity that shines through in Rocking Ordinary, making it the kind of book you hand out to all your mom friends because she gets it. Lea Ann has walked through extremely difficult situations and has come forth as gold. Through Rocking Ordinary, Lea Ann beautifully shares her struggles, hurts, disappointments, and victories as she learned that we, as moms, can change the world even on our most ordinary day.

Rocking Ordinary is broken into four sections. The first is to help moms reshape their definition of success and failure. Section Two focuses squarely on the important people. It’s refreshing to read a modern mom remind us that the people of highest importance in our lives are the ones in our home! Section Three deals with how Lea Ann walked through painful memories or situations and how to be a friend to others that may be experiencing these painful issues. And I can 100% agree that Lea Ann knows how to be a friend to those going through difficult situations. Lastly, Section Four is a rallying cry for moms – how we can influence those around us, even while we feel like we are drowning in diapers or scheduling extracurricular activities.

Regulations state that I must tell you I received an advanced review copy of this book. blahblahblah. I would be telling you about this no matter what! And I’m also happy to share that Lea Ann has a great deal for anyone that pre-orders the book. You can find all the details here which includes a free ebook copy if you order through Masterbooks! It really is the perfect book for moms in every stage of life. We can rock this life, moms. We can make a difference for the Kingdom of God even on the most ordinary day.

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  1. Jackie, I’m so touched by your words. You and I have shared some common pain, but oh, how blessed it is to pray each other through healing and grace. I treasure your friendship so.

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